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As this blog grows, earlier entries get pushed to the bottom and eventually shoved off the page. The search feature (the small box near the top of the right-hand column) allows you to look for businesses by name, and you can always click on a category to see all the listings for that particular type of business, but I thought it might also be helpful to have a table of contents available so you can browse through all the listings and click on any that catch your eye. I’ll try to remember to update this whenever I post something new — but if you’re looking for a particular business and don’t see it here, go ahead and run a search for it, just in case I forgot to update the list. (NOTE: Entries with a line through them have closed since their initial posting.)

S&S Market
Under the Mooch
Hank’s Hamburgers
Booster Feed Mill
Union Street Cafe
Karlene’s Dollhouses
Steve’s Sundry Books and Magazines
Tie-Dyes of Tulsa
Napoli’s Italian Restaurant
Circle Cinema
Ted and Debbie’s
Ted’s Hamburgers
Las Americas Super Mercado and Restaurant
Starship Records
Perry’s Food Store
Grumpy’s Garden
Burger House
Cheap Thrills
Flytrap Records
Knotty Pine
Mod50s Modern
Swinney’s Hardware
LaDonna’s Fancy Foods
DoubleShot Coffee Company
Island Dreams
Vintage Holiday
Tally’s Good Food Cafe
Southwood Landscape and Nursery
Ike’s Chili House
Crystal City Barber & Style
The Tomato Man
Lil’ Sprouts Plant Farm
Midtown Cycles
Arnold’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers
Gypsy Coffee House and Cyber Cafe
White River Fish Market
Kinfolk’s Soul Food Kitchen
Blue Dome Diner
McNellie’s Public House
Dwelling Spaces
Old Time Pest Control
Beto’s Mexican Grill
Jim’s Coney Island — Never on Sunday
Sam’s Offroad Equipment
Center 1 Market
Ralph’s Fish & Burger Shack
Ollie’s Station Restaurant
Apertures Photo
Best Hardware
Evelyn’s Restaurant
True To You Bra Salon
Harden’s Hamburgers
Ann’s Bakery
D’s Sweet Designs
OK Country Donut Shoppe
Simply Sushi
Gateway Market
Piatto Cucina Italiana
Mod’s Coffee and Crepes
Chicory and Chives Cafe
Divine Home Surplus Discount Center
Dust Bowl Lanes
Blue Rose Cafe
Back Alley Blues & BBQ

Ida Red Boutique
Burn Co. Barbeque
The Pie Hole
Lee’s Feed and Country Store
Andolini’s Pizza
The Vinyl Countdown
Fat Guy’s Burger Bar

7 Responses to “Table of Contents”

  1. Hi, what a great webpage you have here. I am a native Tulsan now displaced in Memphis Tennessee. I wonder if you might contact me directly concerning a now defunct furniture store that was a Mom and Pop venture and in business for many, many years in Tulsa. The story is much to long to tell here. To be brief, my father worked there for 30 years and I am trying to find reletives or former employees that may have old photos. The Store was named Colonial Furniture Company and located on South Harvard, on the east side of the street somewhere between 17th and 27th if memory serves me. The original location was in the Colonial building on 15th just east of Peoria, I think this is being referred to again as Cherry Street. I have made an exhaustive internet search as well as posting in Batesline and
    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Kindest Regards

  2. Thought you might be interested in this:

  3. Hello Emily,
    My name is Colleen and I just opened a cafe, coffeehouse and bar across from TU called The Collective. I dont know if youve heard of it but we would love to talk to you! Please contact me if you need any information at thanks, colleen

  4. I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!! I found lots of cool shops around Tulsa I didn’t even know existed! You should write a review about the store Silverscreen vintage. Its on 15th and Harvard just down the street from cheap thrills:)

  5. Hello, I just wanted to remark on how great of a website this is. I go around Tulsa looking for cool new places and other ‘mom-and pop’ stores that are different than the ever-increasing chains.
    I thought since you didn’t have anything under Electrical that you would like to look at Mac’s Electric Supply on 3rd and Utica.
    It has been around since the mid 60’s and there is not another electric store quite like this. Its mainly a distributor for businesses and company’s but anyone can go in there to get great deals on bulk prices for light bulbs, batteries, electric cords etc, and they even have a special display of Case Knives for sale.
    If interested in finding out more about it here is the website:

  6. hey, awesome website! i diddnt realize how many cool stores are here in tulsa. one store i diddnt see was Joz. its a store on cherry street by Cheap Thrills. Its a store that sells artwork and jewlry and cool stuff like that! sorry that i dont know the EXACT location :/.

  7. You should review Wranglers Barbeque (NW Corner of 71st & Memorial) by far the best hamburgers and fries I have had in town. As much as I like Scotts in Bixby I think Wranglers beats them. And of course there is Cindy the owner operator who takes your order and offers great advice from her window. Sometimes Joe (Cindy’s husband) is a bit grumpy but that makes it even more fun watching Cindy shoot from the hip and get everything back to GOOD.

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