Support Indie Tulsa

Indie Tulsa doesn’t need your money. But it does need your help.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:


1. Click the thumbnail above for a PDF of the Indie Tulsa flier. It’s designed to print four small fliers on a regular sheet of letter-sized paper.
2. Print several copies and cut them apart.
3. Post them on bulletin boards, ask indie business owners to hand them out, give them away at festivals, or all of the above.
4. Add Indie Tulsa to your blogroll or mention it on your favorite forums.

The more hits we get, the more it helps Tulsa’s great mom-and-pop businesses.

Thanks for helping the little guys.

5 Responses to “Support Indie Tulsa”

  1. I just stumbled across your site. This is a great place. It’s been bookmarked on my desktop. Good Luck

  2. nice site!
    my friend and i also recently discovered ralphs and were pleasantly surprised.
    check out my group GHOSTS if you get a second, and keep up the good work.

  3. Please email me to your earliest convenience to discuss an upcoming article in UTW about Tulsa Bloggers.

  4. redfork hippie chick: Oh my, I was just looking for info on Perry’s and noticed this. I lived in Red Fork a long long time ago; my parents went to Clinton when it was a high school. Does anyone remember the Cove’s Saturday matinee(before your time).

  5. This is the blog I’ve been looking for in Tulsa…i’m posting the link to your blog on my Facebook.

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