Piatto Cucina Italiana

Linguine pesto = heaven on a plate.

Piatto Cucina Italiana opened March 1 at the Tulsa Hills shopping center.

Having made a New Year’s resolution to go vegetarian again, I was delighted to find a menu that included a fairly extensive assortment of veg-friendly dishes. In addition to a sublime gorgonzola-topped linguine pesto (pictured above), Piatto offers three kinds of bruschetta; fried zucchini; eggplant panini; sauteed homemade cheese; several kinds of salad (including a lovely combination of fresh mozzarella and Roma tomato slices arranged on a bed of mixed baby lettuce and drizzled with balsamic dressing); at least two eggplant-and-pasta dishes; tomato and goat cheese ravioli; veggie risotto; sauteed spinach with lemon and caramelized shallots; grilled asparagus; sauteed mushrooms; rosemary roasted potatoes; at least four kinds of meat-free pizza with various gourmet toppings; cheese stromboli; and probably several other dishes I’ve overlooked or forgotten to mention.

Assorted bruschetta. There were actually six pieces on the plate, but Ron ate one before I could take the picture. It's hard to remember to stop and photograph the food when it tastes this good.

Carnivores needn’t feel left out: The menu also includes short ribs; carbonara; chicken marsala; saltimbocca (tenderized chicken breast with prosciutto, white wine, and sage); steak; veal; seafood; and several meat toppings for the pizza.

Piatto offers a gracefully garnished version of the standard tiramisu.

For dessert, in addition to the usual tiramisu, Piatto offers a chocolate-espresso torta accompanied by homemade hazelnut gelato and an apple crostata accompanied by caramel gelato.

The crostata is a sort of cross between apple dumpling and apple pie. The pastry itself is fine, but the caramel gelato is the real star of this dessert.

Prices are moderate (slightly higher than the average sports bar or steakhouse), service is excellent, and portion sizes are respectable but not obnoxious. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant — a welcome change from the chaotic environment that too often accompanies restaurants in this price point.

Piatto also offers a full bar.

Piatto is located at 7153 S. Olympia, just north of Lowe’s in the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center at 71st Street and Highway 75. For more information, call (918) 770-0719.

Product: A+
Service: A
Value: B+
Overall: A

~ by redforkhippie on March 14, 2010.

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