Simply Sushi

This post (submitted Sept. 2, but I am just now getting it online — oops) comes to you courtesy of Cycledog, who is becoming a regular contributor here at Indie Tulsa:

I had lunch today at Simply Sushi, an new sushi bar located on 86th Street in Owasso, just south of the Eighth Grade Center. My family is more the meat-and-potatoes type, so I’m the only one who engages in eating “adventures.” Sushi is turning into one of my favorites.

Today, I had edamame for the first time. These are young soybeans still in the pod. They’re cooked in salt water, spiced, and served hot. It’s much like eating boiled peanuts, and just like peanuts, they can be addictive, it seems. They make a wonderful and nutritious snack or appetizer.

Also, I had the Cowboy Roll today. This is hoisin beef, carrots, and sprouts wrapped in rice.

I’ll be honest: This is not a lot of food, but it’s probably the amount I should be eating at lunch rather than the amount I want to eat. Having the edamame alongside kept my fingers busy with munching.

All of that went well with a cold, sweet iced tea, the chardonnay of the South.

If you’re out and about on your bike somewhere north of Tulsa, and you’re in the mood for sushi, stop in at Simply Sushi.

13720 E. 86th Street North
Owasso, OK
Dine-in and takeout available

~ by redforkhippie on October 19, 2008.

One Response to “Simply Sushi”

  1. Guess living in Japan has spoiled me. Sushi around here is like texmex mexican food. Havent tried Simply Sushi so will not comment on their sushi. The other Sushi Bars need alitle higher quality rice & alittle mix of
    Marukan Rice Vinegar in their rice for real Japanese taste. There is a real difference in taste that is quite surprising… thats my commet.

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