In the wake of the demise of the Tulsa World’s Community section — which gave a lot of good coverage to locally owned businesses — I have decided to expand Indie Tulsa beyond its original mission.

When I set up this site, it was meant to turn a spotlight on mom-and-pop businesses in Tulsa. I deliberately chose not to include businesses outside Tulsa, not because they aren’t worthy, but because I simply didn’t have the time or resources to give those businesses the attention they deserved.

I still don’t have the necessary time or resources, but I am willing to post articles and reviews written by other people about mom-and-pop businesses that fall within the Community World’s coverage areas.

Although I am no longer with the Tulsa World, I am still working full-time, and my schedule is busy (and getting busier as we approach the time of year when I have to put together the Oklahoma Route 66 Association’s annual Trip Guide, which is the biggest volunteer project I do all year). With that in mind, please realize that I will not have time to do a lot of reviews in communities outside Tulsa — so if you live in one of these communities and want to see your favorite business featured on Indie Tulsa, you will probably have to write something about it yourself.

I would just ask that business owners refrain from reviewing their own businesses. If you have a new business, or if your business is expanding or celebrating a grand opening or similar event, feel free to send me a press release, and I’ll try to post a news item about your event. Please note: Franchises are NOT eligible for inclusion on Indie Tulsa. Other avenues exist to ensure that franchise operations are marketed to potential customers. Indie Tulsa is for those businesses that lack the benefits of corporate branding, professional market research, and the other advantages afforded by the franchising system.

Reviews, press releases, and other submissions may be mailed to sundayjohn66 at mac dot com.



~ by redforkhippie on March 20, 2008.

One Response to “Changes”

  1. love that you’re doing this. and i hope that this site continues to grow and thrive.

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