Ann’s Bakery

We were thrilled to learn that Ann’s Bakery, a stone’s throw from the Admiral Place alignment of Route 66 at 7 N. Harvard, had recently reopened after a devastating fire last year.

The bakery had been closed for more than a year after a blaze in January 2007 caused $100,000 worth of damage. That was a blow to Tulsa’s confection-loving community, who had counted on Ann’s for custom-made cakes, pasteries and other goodies since it opened in 1938.

Ann’s claims to be “Tulsa’s oldest scratch bakery.” Here’s an old photo of Ann’s, in 1944. More history can be found here.

We went to Ann’s for breakfast on Saturday morning. I had a cream-filled bismark, a cinnamon roll and a cream horn. Emily had a glazed doughnut and a cream horn. They tasted heavenly.

Ann’s offered much more than that, as these photos of the display cases illustrate. It was difficult to choose what to eat.

Fresh coffee is available near one of the display cases. So is a refrigerated cooler loaded with milk or soda.

There’s no place to sit down to eat the doughnuts or pastries, but the staff bags everything up for you. Ann’s is clean and bright, and the staff is quick to get you what you need.

Here are some of the cake’s Ann’s makes on display. That’s a bunch of cupcakes on the left.

Ann’s Web site contains a gallery of wedding cakes and other special occasion cakes it offers.

Ann’s is just north of the Interstate 244 interchange at Harvard. There’s plenty of parking on the side of the building. Its hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Its phone number is (918) 834-2345.

Product: A+
Service: A+
Convenience: A+
Value: A
Overall: A+

~ by Ron Warnick on March 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ann’s Bakery”

  1. Ann’s is the real deal, been going to them for years..they are truly a Tulsa tradition..there are some really good bakeries in town but Ann’s is still the best hands down and still a small family run operation. If you haven’t been there then run don’t walk!

  2. I had my daughter’s birthday cake done here and they did an excellent job. Better than Wal-mart or Reasor’s could do.

  3. […] You can learn more about Ann’s Bakery from this Indie Tulsa posting. […]

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