Southwood Landscape and Nursery


With the Country Store out of business, I found myself in a bit of a tailspin this spring. I buy my tomatoes and most of my peppers from the Tomato Man, but most of my other plants come from the Country Store, and I’ve been looking for a replacement.

I may have found an acceptable substitute at Southwood Landscape and Nursery, located at the corner of 91st Street and Lewis Avenue.

Ron and I spent part of last weekend at Southwood, shopping for this purple smoke tree, which set us back about $40:


I am physically incapable of walking through a greenhouse without buying at least a half-dozen plants I don’t need, so of course I came home with several herbs (everything from Corsican mint to elfin thyme), a few flowers, and a gorgeous bird’s nest fern.

The plants I bought all had very well-established root systems and were strong and healthy enough to tolerate being transplanted into hanging baskets without going into shock. I forgot to take the camera along to the nursery, but I shot a few of the plants after I transplanted them Sunday afternoon, so you can get an idea of the product quality. (Photos, top to bottom, include curry plant, purple sage, prostrate rosemary, and scarlet begonias.)

curry.jpg purplesage.jpg



Prices are fairly run-of-the-mill ($1.99 for herbs; $1.69 if you buy 10 or more), but the plants are healthy, the selection is good, and the staff is quick to answer questions or help customers load large or heavy items into their cars.

A large outdoor area houses a nice assortment of shade plants, a wide variety of ornamental trees (including star magnolias, a gorgeous weeping cherry, pink and white dogwood, and several varieties of redbud), and a big collection of azaleas in every imaginable color. The greenhouse includes indoor and outdoor plants, including orchids, African violets, and several types of fern.

The nursery offers family-friendly features such as public restrooms, tricycles children can borrow to navigate the extensive grounds, and a tolerance for customers’ dogs. (We met a friendly Cavalier King Charles spaniel while we were standing in line Sunday afternoon.)

My only complaint is that the hours are a little limited: Southwood closes at 6 p.m. on weekdays, making it virtually impossible for anybody working more than a couple of miles away to cut through South Tulsa’s notoriously heavy traffic and have time left to shop without taking off early. Keeping the place open for another hour or two in the spring and summer would allow more customers to stop by and wander through the greenhouse at the end of a stressful day.

According to its Web site, Southwood has been in operation since 1983. Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call 299-9409.

Value: A-
Products: A
Service: A+
Convenience: B+
Overall: A

~ by redforkhippie on March 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “Southwood Landscape and Nursery”

  1. Hi! You seem to know Tulsa nurseries fairly well. My parents actually bought the building which used to house The Country Store. While we’ve been cleaning up the building in preparation for our restaurant supply store, we’ve averaged about 8-10 people a day coming by looking for the Country Store. Unfortunately, I know nothing about gardening, rancing, or anything similar, so I have no idea where to suggest they go.

    Do you know of any store similar to the Country Store that are fairly close to that location? I’d love to be able to answer people with more than just “Sorry, I don’t know.”

  2. Here’s more than you ever wanted to know:

    There is nowhere on earth like the Country Store, which is why it broke my heart to see it close. No more one-stop shopping. But …

    If they need a good basic feed store, send them to Booster Feed Mill, up on Admiral Place (I think between Yale and Sheridan on Admiral, but don’t quote me on that). They can get animal feed and a few dog grooming tools, feed scoops, and that sort of thing up there, and it’s not terribly far away.

    If they need more animal equipment, feed, baby chicks, rabbits, or plants, send them east on 11th to Lee’s Feed, which is waaaaaaay out there, going toward Catoosa.

    If they need tomato plants, send them to the Tomato Man, out on West 81st Street. (He is only open for about a month each year — from tax day to mid-May — but that’s because he only sells plants when it’s time to put them in the garden, and he knows what he’s doing.) His Web site has directions and a map.

    If they need unusual garden plants, send them to Grumpy’s Garden, at 15th Street and Owasso Avenue (near Cherry Street in midtown). She sells a lot of herbs and flowers and things. She’s probably a good place to send people in general, as she’s relatively close and knows where to find things if she doesn’t have them.

    If they need the closest approximation to the Country Store, send them to Farmer’s Feed in Sapulpa. It’s a bit of a drive from where you are, but well worth it — the people are friendly and knowledgeable, they have a good selection of farming and ranching products, and they sell the same basic type of stuff as the Country Store, although they do NOT have a greenhouse.

    If they need a large selection of plants, send them down to Southwood Nursery, at 91st and Riverside.

    Unfortunately, none of those places is really very close to the Country Store, but that kind of tells you the story — the Country Store closed, in large part, because that end of 11th Street isn’t in the country any more. Yuppies and chemlawn have spread across farms like kudzu and basically choked out the demand for feed stores in Tulsa, y’know?

    Oh, one more: If they need striking tools, lawn tools, or that sort of thing, send them to Swinney’s Hardware, at Second and Lewis, or to Best Hardware (in Brookside, north of Weber’s Root Beer) or Cullison Hardware (on north Peoria in Turley, going toward Sperry).

    I’ve yet to find a source for reasonably priced pond plants.

    Glad to hear the building is going to stand and you’re willing to help the folks who are looking for places to find things for their gardens and farms. Still wish I’d had the money to buy the building and bring back the Country Store in an all-organic, slightly more hippy-dippy context. It was one of the reasons I moved to Tulsa, and it makes me sad to face a growing season without it.

    As soon as I figure out where Bill Sivadon ended up, I’ll post something so people can find him and continue to benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge of gardening and farming and just generally getting stuff done.

  3. You simply can’t beat the selection & knowledgable staff at Southwood!

  4. Bill Sivadon stopped by where the Country Store used to be a few weeks ago to visit and see the changes we’ve made to gear the building toward restaurant and kitchen supplies. He told me he’s now the manager of the Dollar General in Mounds and to feel free to let people know they can find him there.

  5. Thanks for the update! I’d heard that Bill was at the Dollar General but hadn’t had a chance to pop in and visit yet. I’m hoping to get down there this summer to see how he’s doing.

  6. Hello. This is Melodie Sivadon Reader. My Dad is Bill Sivadon. We had the Country Store on 11th and Memorial for over 50 years. If you would like to contact him, he is certainly at the Dollar General in Mounds, OK. He is working just a few blocks from home. He has people stop in often to have him assist them with plant and gardening questions. It is good to know that people miss him and my mom Kathey. They will be pleased to hear this.

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