Indie OKC

I got a note the other day from Dave, a reader who wanted to know whether I was planning to include businesses outside Tulsa, as he lives in Oklahoma City and was interested in reviewing his hometown favorites.

I explained that in an effort to keep this project manageable, I was confining this site strictly to Tulsa businesses, but I thought it would be great if somebody wanted to set up something similar for OKC.

Lo and behold, I checked my blog stats this evening and found an incoming link from Indie OKC. Dave is looking for contributors and ideas, so if you spend much time in OKC, be sure and take a peek at his site and drop him a line to let him know what you have to offer.

If you don’t live in OKC or Tulsa, but you want to promote independent businesses wherever you are, please feel free to borrow ideas and/or drop me a line with any questions you might have about blogging for the little guys. I’d love to see Indie Dallas, Indie Kansas City, Indie St. Louis, Indie Chicago, Indie Springfield, Indie Joplin, or any of a thousand other sites along those lines.

There are independent businesses all over the country, and all of them need as much support and promotion as they can get. Dave says I inspired him. I hope Dave inspires those of you living elsewhere. Every town needs somebody to get online and promote the indies.

Speaking of promoting the indies, I promise to get a new review up in the next day or so. I meant to post something earlier, but I’ve been ridiculously busy, and this weekend just got away from me. I’ll try to do better. :)


~ by redforkhippie on March 26, 2007.

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