Tally’s Good Food Cafe


I was disappointed when the late Metro Diner closed to make way for TU’s oh-so-visually-stimulating McDorms, but I wasn’t devastated. To be honest, the Metro’s quality had slipped rather precipitously in recent years, and by the time it closed, I’d already found a better place to meet out-of-town friends for dinner: the aptly named Tally’s Good Food Cafe.

I miss the Metro’s great Deco lines, glass-block windows, chrome accents, and that spectacular pink and aqua neon sign that stood out front, but Tally’s — with its retro-styled sign mounted above the door (on a framework that evokes the Meadow Gold sign in miniature), stylish architectural neon around the exterior (complete with glowing Route 66 shields every few feet), and killer breakfasts — is a fine substitute.


You have to respect a restaurant that accompanies its chicken-fried steak with a soup bowl of cream gravy, and I think Ron would willingly swap one of his kidneys for a bacon and cheese omelet and a plate of those crispy seasoned home fries from Tally’s.

I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve eaten at Tally’s. The fry cooks know what they’re doing, the waitstaff is friendly and efficient, and although I didn’t ask about the hours, I will say that Ron and I keep strange hours and eat at weird times, and we’ve never come home hungry after heading out in search of a late supper at Tally’s.

Perhaps best of all, the owner, Tally Alame, really appreciates the community that supports his business. Every year, he shows his appreciation by serving a free Thanksgiving dinner to anybody who wants to stop by and eat.

Located on historic Route 66, at the corner of 11th and Yale, Tally’s is also within easy walking distance of the historic Desert Hills Motel, making it popular with my in-laws, who stay at the Desert Hills every time they’re in town and love to start each morning by walking down the block for a cinnamon roll at Tally’s.

Value: A
Product: A+
Service: A
Convenience: A
Overall: A+

~ by redforkhippie on March 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Tally’s Good Food Cafe”

  1. God bless Tally’s. I live just down the street and it’s the perfect place to go when you just gotta eat.

    And remember last year’s wicked snowstorm? The whole freakin’ city shut down, and when the missus and I braved the weather one night and drove around looking for a place to eat, the ONLY place open was good ol’ Tally’s. Nothing like a perfected chicken fried steak on a snowy night.

    Man, I hope it snows big this year.

  2. Do you have the hours of operation for Tally’s? I’m trying to have a business lunch downtown and am looking for a spot that opens at 6:30 a.m.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Awesome place and yummy food!

  4. Tally’s serves from 6am to 10:45pm. They officially close at 11pm.

  5. the best comfort and out of the ordinary in tulds

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