Vintage Holiday


If I had to give an award for “coolest store in Tulsa,” Vintage Holiday, 1503 E. 11th St., would be a serious contender.

Tucked into a little brick storefront on Historic Route 66, Vintage Holiday is a nostalgia junkie’s dream, offering aluminum trees, feather trees, cardboard fireplaces, blown-glass ornaments, Santa mugs, bubble lights, plastic elves with flocked hats, plastic reindeer, and the coup de grace — a Santa from the 1930s with light sockets for eyes. Business owner Gregory Agee says the doll is designed to take flat radio indicator lights. Since he didn’t have any on hand, he just installed small lightbulbs instead, making Santa look less like a jolly old elf and more like a psychotic killer elf from hell, suitable for scaring trick-or-treaters off the porch on Halloween. (The first time I saw Santa, he was sporting pointy red lights that made him look especially demonic; Agee has since replaced those bulbs with round white ones that give him more of a space-alien-from-Little-Orphan-Annie’s-home-planet look.)


Rather than tell you how cool Vintage Holiday is, I’ll just let the merchandise speak for itself:




Agee’s prices are very reasonable — he has inexpensive ornaments for folks trying to decorate on a budget, rare antiques (such as the aforementioned Santa, which is $350) for serious collectors, and everything in between.

Click here to read a Tulsa World writeup about the store.

Vintage Holiday is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays; Agee will open during the week by appointment, and he usually opens a few more days a week during the Christmas season. It’s advisable to call ahead at 810-7831 if you want to be sure the store is open. Parking is available behind the store.

Agee also owns Floral Design Studios, 1210 E. 41st St. In addition to floral arrangements, the shop offers a Christmas decorating service for those who don’t have time to do it themselves.

Value: A
Products: A+
Service: A+
Convenience: B- (hours are very limited)
Overall: A

~ by redforkhippie on March 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Vintage Holiday”

  1. Is this place still open (Vintage Holiday) I tried calling but the number isn’t in service.

  2. I went by this weekend. The store is empty and for rent. Sad.

  3. I believe Greg was planning to move the store to another location. I’ll have to track down the new address and post an update as soon as I get a hand free.

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