Flytrap Records


Nearly hidden in a tiny house just behind LaDonna’s Fancy Foods is one of Tulsa’s best new additions to the indie business scene: Flytrap Records.



Although its square footage is small, it has everything a good record store needs: A good selection of local CDs by local bands, a few tie-dyes and band T-shirts, the requisite assortment of Grateful Dead bumper stickers, some 8-tracks, a few quirky items (tote bag with a fake Wheaties box featuring Bob Dylan, anyone?) and a small but very respectable vinyl collection, offered at reasonable prices. I paid $7 for a copy of Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits and $8 for the Beatles’ first album. Neither record was in perfect condition, but both were certainly playable, with just a few light scratches here and there. I know some collectors like to pay a couple hundred bucks for a mint-condition LP in a pristine sleeve, but I buy records to play and enjoy, not to put in a museum and look at, so I was delighted with Flytrap’s prices and products.


The owner, Donnie Rich, was friendly and attentive, despite having stayed up late the night before to arrange a meeting between a local band and some members of Skid Row. A local promoter, Rich occasionally holds meet-and-greet events at Flytrap, and his enthusiasm for the music he sells is evident; there’s a certain joie de vivre to his work that makes the whole shopping experience more enjoyable. This is one of the reasons I shop indie: I like to do business with people who are obviously having a good time doing something they really want to be doing. Rich certainly fits that description.


Flytrap is located at 1442 S. St. Louis Ave., just behind LaDonna’s Fancy Foods on 15th Street. Hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Parking is available in front of the building. For more information, call 779-7718 or visit

Value: A
Service: A
Products: A
Convenience: B
Overall: A

~ by redforkhippie on February 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Flytrap Records”

  1. why hasnt there been any advertising for flytrap?

  2. They closed. : (

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