Cheap Thrills


You can find Cheap Thrills at the east end of Tulsa’s Cherry Street district, in a brick storefront painted a screaming shade of aqua, right next door to the stylishly conspicuous Tulsa Scooters (a store I’ve yet to enter, largely because my credit limit and my affection for Vespa knockoffs are both waaaaaaay too high — and the apparent competence of some Tulsa drivers way too low — to make that a safe proposition).


Although the name conjures up images of scantily clad masseuses and battery-powered objects your mother wouldn’t approve of, the raciest thing I saw on display at Cheap Thrills was a set of Bettie Page notecards. But for the nostalgia hound, this fun little shop definitely lives up to its name: I was, indeed, thrilled to find tweed suits; 1950s prom dresses; 1980s miniature-beer-can necklaces; peep-toe sandals; vinyl records; and a fabulous little leopard-print jacket (which I am, unfortunately, too fat to wear — a fact I blame on the profusion of great mom-and-pop diners in Tulsa) … and the prices were, indeed, cheap.




I found a terrific leather coat with fleece collar and cuffs — circa 1973 — for $36. I didn’t have $36 on me at that moment, but in light of the half-off sale running through March 4, I’m thinking I probably need to go back and grab it if someone else hasn’t already snapped it up.

Most of the floor space at Cheap Thrills is taken up with racks of vintage clothing, but there’s also a decent little assortment of LPs, a small collection of cateye glasses (I desperately want to buy a pair and have a good optician update the lenses with my bifocal prescription, but Ron twitches violently every time I mention the idea), and a nice selection of vintage clothing patterns.


The patterns can be had for $2 to $5 apiece — a stellar price when you consider the fact that you can’t touch a good retro-styled dress pattern for less than $15 these days.

A friendly sort of place that seems to respect its customers and its competitors alike, Cheap Thrills distributes fliers for other businesses its clientele might enjoy, and the guy who waited on us was helpful and interested in what we were doing and suggested several other places we might visit.

Cheap Thrills is located at 3018 E. 15th St. Parking is available behind the store and on a nearby side street. Hours are noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.  For more information, call 295-5868.

Value: A
Service: A+
Convenience: A-
Product: A+
Overall: A+

~ by redforkhippie on February 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Cheap Thrills”

  1. I absolutely adore Cheap Thrills. I’ve even added them on myspace as friend. Everytime I’ve been in there they have been helpful, friendly, and excited about being at work.

    That’s nice. Plus, I’ve bought three ADORABLE 50s dresses there for less than $30 each. Fab.

  2. Cheap Thrills has always been a favorite of mine. The prices are amazing and the selection is wonderful. They have always been so nice. I love Cheap Thrills and will continue to shop and recommend them to everyone I know!

  3. I really wish I could visit Cheap Thrills, but unfortunately I live in Michigan and Oklahoma is way to far. If, I am ever in the area though, I definitely plan to stop.

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