Tie-Dyes of Tulsa


Driving down 11th Street (a.k.a. historic Route 66) in Tulsa, you can’t miss Tie-Dyes of Tulsa.


Just look for the owner’s colorful Volkswagen van, which is covered with hand-painted designs worthy of Janis Joplin.

Kelly Killion, proprietor of the business, keeps the spirit of the 1960s alive in her incense-scented shop, where she creates works of wearable art featuring hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, and rainbow-colored spirals and splotches for any time of the year.


Killion’s work — which includes T-shirts, hats, baby onesies, hoodies, sports bras, scarves, and socks tie-dyed to appeal to the hippie in all of us — covers the windows and fills the small front room of the two-story house that serves as a studio and base of operations. Killion hosts tie-dye parties at the shop or on-site, and custom jobs are available.

Most items range in price from $10 to $20. I gave about $10 for a screaming blue and purple newsboy hat, and another $10 for a tie-dyed onesie for my infant nephew.

Catching Killion in the shop can be challenging; like most hippies, she isn’t particularly fascinated by the concept of time, and the sign on the front door listing her hours indicates that she is open from “noonish to 5:00ish” Tuesday through Friday and “noonish to 3:00ish” Saturday. The business is closed Sunday and Monday.

A Tulsa World article about the business can be found here.

Value: A
Service: B
Convenience: B-
Product: A
Overall: B+

~ by redforkhippie on February 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “Tie-Dyes of Tulsa”

  1. Does tie-dies of tulsa have a working phone number? The 918-835-9020 is disconnected.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    This is your cousin Shelly Carter (Shelly Marlow). Do you know our cousin Debby Strimple Smith from Coffeyville? Her husband Greg is juvenile diabetic and he has HORRID heart trouble. He was on dialysis for years until he had a kidney transplant. Both legs have been amputated AND he’s now completely BLIND. He’s having to take MORE than 100 nitroglycerine pills A WEEK!!!!!!! Those are for chest pain!!! He jokingly says he knows he’s a bomb ready to explode. Debby said he wants a tee-shirt that says:
    on it. I told her we’ll get it for him. Kelly, he is obviously dieing, but I JUST found out how many nitros he’s taking!! I absolutely ADORE him. I want to get him the tee-shirt ASAP.
    I have bad memory problems because of a stroke so I’m trying to figure out where to get one made. My hubby Don said “You have a cousin in Tulsa that MAKES them.” Kelly, I was saying “I have a cousin in Tulsa???” He said, “Yeah, tie-dye girl.” I said, “Oh! Kelly!” He said, “That’s her!” Then I started laughing and said, “Her dad Larry lives in Tulsa too. But I’d forgotten about both of you.”
    (Don calls me BFR!!!!) BLONDE FOR a REASON : )
    Can’t find your phone number and Don jokingly said, “Look up her website!” I hadn’t even thought of that. Just as I found it, he said, “I was just joking. She probably doesn’t have one.” I said, “Come look at this!” He saw your van and he said, “Yes she does have one!” : ) Can you please call me today so I can put in an order? Shelly 224-4425. Thanks Kelly!!!
    Lookin’ forward to seeing you!

  3. Heyy um.. i dropped off two shirts not to long ago and have been by twice since then and you have not been there. I was just wondering when i could come by and get them??

  4. Please be advised: This is not the Tie-Dyes of Tulsa Web site. This is a blog that reviews independent businesses in Tulsa.

    It’s my understanding that Kelly moved to Wichita a couple of weeks ago, as she is getting married soon, and her fiance lives there. If you’ve ordered a T-shirt from her, you should probably try to contact her through Facebook to see if she can ship it to you. I’m sure it just slipped her mind in the hassle of moving.

  5. What the.. did this place close down?

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