Under the Mooch

Under the Mooch, a newcomer to Tulsa’s indie business scene, opened late last year at 1423 S. Harvard.

We found out about it through a flier we picked up at the excellent Blue Dome Diner, which we will undoubtedly review here in the not-too-distant future. That’s how it is with mom-and-pop businesses: You think you’re just going to grab a bowl of oatmeal and some toast for breakfast, and an hour later, you’re driving across town to buy Judy Collins on vinyl because a hip-looking little waitress with a pierced nose and sweet smile gave you a 15 percent off coupon and a good-natured lecture on the importance of supporting independent record stores.

You’re free to ignore her, of course, and to toss the coupon into the recycling bin when you get home, but you never do, because deep down, you know that she’s right, and that as much as you love your iPod, it’s just cool to buy a real, live CD every now and then, and it’s even cooler to buy a CD by an obscure local band that doesn’t have a distribution contract with iTunes and probably never will.

Or, if you’re me, you go because you understand that records sound better than any other medium that’s existed before or since, and shopping for vinyl on eBay is a soulless proposition that just can’t compare with the simple pleasure of spending a sneezy, dusty afternoon flipping through hundreds of old record sleeves in search of hidden treasure.

Either way, if you end up at Under the Mooch, chances are good you’ll end up happy. Tucked into a small shop on Harvard, just northeast of the stylish Cherry Street district, Under the Mooch is what independent record stores are supposed to be: A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a whole lot anti-Establishment. You can find everything from Randy Newman to Frank Zappa here, along with recordings by local bands, copies of alternative newspapers, posters advertising parties and concerts and fundraisers, and a fairly extensive vinyl collection.

It’s nothing fancy — just a good, solid record store with decent prices (I picked up a good quality copy of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for $10 — not the best buy I’ve ever gotten, but the days when you could buy vinyl for a quarter ended about 10 years ago) and friendly help. Definitely worth supporting.

Value: B
Service: A
Convenience: A-
Overall: B+

~ by redforkhippie on February 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Under the Mooch”

  1. i love under the mooch! they have so much underground stuff you can’t find at any other record store. i’d say it its the best indie record store in tulsa!

  2. Probably my favorite place in Oklahoma. Amazing store. Great service.

  3. Wasn’t thrilled with the service. The guy working that day was a snobby version of Jack Black in High Fidelity; not even a hello. Loved the music selection.

  4. i love this place where i live i never get a chance to get some good music for a good price and who wants to get a 20 dollar record then pay for shipping :(. i cant wait to stop by again i plan on doping a few weeks of pay there :). if your in tulsa make sure to stop by.

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