Welcome to Indie Tulsa!

As explained in the about page, this site is intended to provide reviews and information about independently owned and operated businesses in Tulsa. Chains and franchise businesses are fine in their place, but the rise of big-box stores and fast-food franchises has led to a kind of dull homogeneity that renders one town indistinguishable from another and makes it difficult for independent thinkers, free spirits, and rugged individualists — arguably the lifeblood of America — to be heard and appreciated.

Through this site, I hope to make the public aware of some of the little guys, whose life’s work has helped give Tulsa some of the unique vibrance that prompted my husband and me to pack up our dogs and our computers, quit our jobs in Illinois, and move to Oklahoma almost three years ago. It’s a move we’ve never regretted, and we’re happier with our decision every time we wander into another quirky little business full of history, one-of-a-kind products, and helpful employees who don’t mind going and getting the widget you need instead of dismissing you with a vague wave in the direction of aisle 37.

We hope you’ll take the time to read our reviews, explore our city, and discover the fascinating finds tucked into out-of-the-way businesses all over Tulsa. If you’re not in Tulsa, we hope you’ll be inspired to venture into the mom-and-pop businesses in your own area, throw a few dollars their way, and perhaps even share your experiences with folks in your area.

The big guys are convenient, but it’s the little guys who keep life interesting.

Happy shopping!


~ by redforkhippie on January 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Indie Tulsa!”

  1. Hi, I am delurking and wanted to tell you this is a great idea! Love your philosophy, since I was officially labeled “hippie” in high school (70’s). I also live in NE Oklahoma. I am new to blogging, can I email you through the blog?

  2. Hi there! My hubby sent me here, and I love the blog! Will definitely include it in my “the friendly sort” links on my blog.

    I do have one question/request: where are the permalinks? They’re tremendously helpful when you want to send a reader directly to an entry. Any possibility that you’ll add them? Oh, and more pictures? Please?

    Thanks for plugging the indies of Tulsa!

  3. The permalinks are built in. You just click on the title of the post and it opens the permalink, which then appears in your browser window.

    I’ll try to do photos when possible. In some places, the lighting conditions make it nearly impossible to get good images, and I’m doing a lot of these reviews either from memory (S&S, for instance, is a favorite haunt, so I didn’t make a special trip in for the purpose of doing a review) or on the fly (during lunch or when I happen to drive by and notice a place is open, at which point I may or may not have the camera with me), but I’ll include photos as time and conditions allow.

    Don’t count on a lot of food photos, though. Usually by the time I remember that I need to take a picture of my lunch, it’s gone….

  4. Oh, I’m so glad I found your blog through Batesline. My family has been in the Tulsa area for at least 4-5 generations. I read your current (Oct 07) entry and then read each one until this first one. Do you only do Tulsa, Tulsa county, or Tulsa Metro area? In other words will you include Sand Springs and surrounding towns? Where would someone make a suggestion for you to visit?

    Thanks for the reviews.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Right now, I’m confining it to Tulsa (probably a little Tulsa County, as I don’t know precisely where the city limits end in some spots) to keep it from getting unwieldy … but if somebody else wants to set up an Indie Sand Springs or Indie Sapulpa or Indie Whatever Else site, I’ll happily link to it.

    You can either post suggestions on here or e-mail me at sundayjohn66 at mac dot com.

  6. I just found your site and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see it! I’ve been here four years and yet you’ve opened my eyes to all these little places I’d love to go to (I am familiar with some of them). This is a great idea!

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